Izu Oshima Island is located approximately 120 km south of Tokyo and can be reached via boat/ferry.

TOKAI KISEN is the ferry boat company that provides all of the transportation between Tokyo (mainland Japan) and the Toyko Islands including Oshima Island.


In order to make it to the event for the 6 hour category on time, you will need to leave Tokyo on Friday.

Those who participate in the 4 hour category can take early morning ferries on Saturday.

Please see below for the 2 options recommended in order to make it to the start of the event.


Option #1 - High Speed Jet Ferry


High speed jet ferries leave Takeshiba Port (about a 10 minute walk from the JR Hamamatsusho train station in downtown Tokyo). Departures also from Atami in Shizuoka.

Trip Duration: Approximately 2 hours

You will need to depart on Friday morning or afternoon as there are no ferries that arrive into Oshima on early Saturday morning.



Option #2 - Large Passenger Ship


Passenger ships depart at night (around 22:00) and arrives into Oshima at 6:00 am in the morning. This is a slower but fun way to enjoy the night views of Tokyo Bay! There are private rooms as well as shared rooms with bunk beds and/or floor space where you can sleep as well. You will need to depart on Friday night for this option. 




Arriving into Oshima:

There are two main ports in Oshima: Okada Port and Motomachi Port. The ships will arrive into one of these two ports depending on weather conditions that day.


If you take the large passenger ship, you will arrive into Oshima early on Saturday morning (6:00am). As there is a bit of a time until the race starts, you may want to wait and relax at the "Gojinka Hot Springs" facility in Motomachi. The hot springs is only a 3 minute walk from Motomachi Port and breakfast can also be purchased there.


Ferry Schedule

To Oshima

Date Ship # Tokyo Yokohama Atami Ito  Oshima
1-Nov (F) Jet ferry 1220 7:55 - - - 9:40
1100 - - 9:10 - 9:55
1230 13:40 - - - 15:25
Large ship 3000 22:00 23:30 - - 翌6:00
2-Nov (Sa) Jet ferry 1100 - - 9:10 9:40 10:15
1220 7:45 - - - 9:30
1210 8:20 - - - 10:05

*Departure on Friday is required for 6 hour category. (No jet feffies available arriving in early Saturday morning.)

From Oshima

Date Ship # Oshima Kurihama Yokohama Tokyo Ito  Atami
3-Feb (Su) Jet ferry 2210 10:25 - - 12:10 - -
2220 14:40 15:45 - 16:45 - -
2230 14:50 - - 16:35 - -
2100 10:35 - - - - 11:20
Large ship 2000 14:30 - 18:00 19:45  -


You can book your transportation and hotel to join this event here.

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Please feel free to contact us if you need specific suggestions about transportaion or hotel for Izu Oshima from us!


You can also check TOKAI KISEN'S website directly for the schedule/fares. 

Telephone Reservations: 03-5472-9999



Racer Check-in

Racer Check-in & Start/Finish Location:  Motomachi Port, Izu Oshima Island

For those arriving by passenger ship on Saturday morning:

Racer check-in & start/finish is at the Motomachi Port ferry terminal building. If the ferry arrives into Okada Port on Saturday morning, you will need to take a public bus from Okada Port to Motomachi Port (approx. 15 minutes; JPY 360 fare). Race staff will be at the ferry terminal to show you direction to the bus stop.