Sat. October 28th, 2017

Challenge yourself to an exciting navigation game

while exploring the scenic nature and impressive history of Izu Oshima Island! 


Izu Oshima is a volcanic island located 120km south of Tokyo.


A portion of the underwater volcano, called Izu Oshima Volcano, appears above the sea level to become the Izu Oshima Island. We have experienced multiple major eruptions in the past and the latest incident forced all the residents to temporarily evacuate from the island in 1986. On the other hand, its harsh natural activities make complex geographical formation of the island very attractive. You'll be convinced to feel that the earth is actually alive by watching dynamic scenery and overwhelming nature of the island. Izu Oshima Island was registered for Japanese Geopark in 2010.


Celebrating the fifth edition, participants of this rogaining event are to look for check points located on the dynamic and attractive landscapes or historical and cultural legacy locations by fully using their physical capacities and navigation skills. Experienced rogainers and orienteers, those who are interested in unique geographical formation of this island, and tourists with limited navigation skills just to enjoy sightseeing, you are all welcome to this enjoyable area.

 In the fifth year,


We are excited to announce the following major changes to this year's event:


<1> Time limit for the short rogaine will be extended to 4 hours.

"Izu Oshima is a big island. We want more time!" Based on participant feedback we've received from past years, this year we've decided to extend the total time limit for the short rogaine to 4 hours (previously 3 hours). As in previous years, there will be a SOLO category again for the short rogaine which is highly recommended for those with good navigational skills.


<2> More challenging check points!

This year, we'll be including the "Ura Sabaku" (the "back desert") which is a very scenic but very challenging area in terms of map reading. We'll also be increasing the number of more difficult check points to satisfy intermediate to elite participants who are looking for a navigational challenge. 


<3> The first international rogaining event in Japan

This year, we're opening up our doors to the world! Our website, registration system and race map will include English so that people from overseas can come and participate in this exciting event in Izu Oshima. We look forward to seeing many participants from all over the world!


The local residents who were born and raised here in the volcanic island of Oshima, together with Adventure Divas and Shigeyuki Koizumi, technical director, one of Japan's top orienteers, welcome you to challenge the extraordinary game!


 Date Saturday, October 28, 2017
 Location Izu Oshima Island (Start/Finish: Motomachi Port)
 Competition Area Middle and South Izu Oshima island (Mt. Mihara - Habu Port)
 Race Organizer Oshima Tourism Association & Oshima Geopark Rogaining Committee

 Event Director


 Course Setter

Harry Ohara (Adventure Divas Ltd.)


Shigeyuki Koizumi (O-Support)

Izu Oshima Geopark Rogaine 2017 flyer can be downloaded here!

Izu Oshima Rogaining Flyer P1-4 (Front).
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Izu Oshima Rogaining Flyer P2-3 (Back).p
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Oct 31

Izu Peninsula Geopark Rogaine will be held on Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

The event registration is starting in mid November.

Oct 31

The event photo album has been uploaded.

Oct 30

The event result has been uploaded.

Oct 28

The event was completed with great success. Thank you everyone for joining us despite of the approaching typhoon.

Oct 26

The event will be held as originally scheduled. As typhoon Saola (#22) is approaching Japan, you may want to consider earlier return if possible.

Oct 19

Now Event Program is available on this website for your reference.

The final confirmation email will be sent to each team representative today so that you can share it with your other team members. 

Oct 16

Entry was closed on October 15. Please pay the entry fee to complete your registration.

The final confirmation email will be sent to each team representative by October 20th. 

Oct 10

Race entry will be closed on October 15. We are waiting for your entry! 

May 31

Izu Oshima Geopark Rogaine 2017 will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Registration opens on Thursday, June 15.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at this year's event!