Registration Period:Fri 10-May - Sun Oct-20, 2019

Registrations may close earlier if all the entry spaces are filled.


Please remember to read the EVENT WAIVER on the bottom of this page thoroughly before registering. Thank you!




An official "Event Program" will be available or download closer to the event date. Important details including all the rules and regulations will be included in this program. Please make sure that ALL team members read through this program thoroughly in order to understand the schedule and rules before the start of the event. 


Each team is required to submit an "ENTRY FORM" at racer check-in to confirm your name and team information. You can find the entry form at the very end of the event program which will be available for download closer to the race date. Please complete this form in advance for a quicker racer check-in. Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Stay away from prohibited areas to avoid causing problems with the local residents.
  • Bring back all your garbage with you.
  • Be alert to inform of any trouble you are involved to the organizer.
  • Please agree that photos, images, articles, records, and all other publicity rights belong to the organizer.
  • Please agree that the organizer posts some information of teams and participants on the website and program.
  • Make sure to maintain your own good health condition yourself, and in case you feel ill during the event, immediately inform to the organizer before dropping out.
  • Be aware that the organizer is not responsible for your illness and injuries during the event except for emergent measures.
  • Your registered age, gender, and other personal information must be accurate. You are required to re-register any replacement of team members before the event if you have to.
  • Participants under 20 years old need admission of their gurdians. 
  • Be aware that the organizer is not responsible for any loss, steal, or acident of your belongings during the event. Please manage your valuables yourself.
  • Be aware that there will be no refund of registration fee in any case, including cancellation of the event due to bad weather, earthquake, eruption, or other disaster.
  • Please be aware that there is a risk of accident that may cause your injuries and illness during the event. You must understand each participant is responsible for your own safety, while the organizer takes every effort to keep them safe and informed, and in case of accident, any necessary measures will be taken promptly.  You cooporateion would be very much appreciated. 
  • If medical treatment becames necessary to your accident during the event, an accident insurance signed up by the organizer will cover the cost  to the extent of its cpolicy. The insurance does not cover your previous deseases.


The organizer recognizes importance of personal information and will follow all the Japanese rules and regulations related to personal information and treat them properly based upon its own policy.