Now in it's fifth year, the Izu Oshima Geopark Rogaine has become a popular event among beginners and experienced navigators alike. Our team's biggest motivation is to put on a fun and exciting race where everyone can go out and discover and be awed by the many wonders of one of Japan's most interesting volcanic islands. We welcome you to come and experience a unique rogaine on a very unique geopark island!

We look forward to seeing you in Oshima in October!


KENJI SATO, President

Vice President, Oshima Tourism Association

Kenji howns and runs a diving shop in Oshima for many, many years and knows exactly where the right spots are to enjoy the ocean and coastlines. Although outwardly he's a tough looking guy (see photo!), his heart is full of fun! Kenji also works as a nature guide on Oshima Island and is actively involved in the development of tourism in Oshima.


HARRY OHARA, Race Director

Chief Operating Officer, Adventure Divas Ltd./Avid Adventures Japan

Harry has lived and worked in the US, Canada and Japan and brings his business and logisitical experience to this event to make sure things run smoothly. Harry is very familiar with Oshima but always seems to bring along bad weather with him! This year however, he seems to be confident that he'll bring good weather - especially on the day of the event!


SHIGEYUKI KOIZUMI, Technical Director/Course Setter

President, O-Support

Shigeyuki is one of Japan's top orienteers and as a member of Japan's National Orienteering Team, won both the National and Asian champtionships in 2010. Shigeyuki also teaches navigation and map reading in Japan and is the primary course setter for many of Japan's biggest rogaining events including the Izu Oshima Geopark Rogaine.



Manager, Oshima Tourism Association

Masashi was born and raised in Oshima and knows the island like the back of his hand. As a young boy, his uncle, an avid hiker, dragged him around the entire island and as a result, there's hardly a trail or place he doesn't know! Masashi is crucial to this event as is one of the main advisors responsible for selecting checkpoints for the event.


PAULINE KITAMURA, Operations Advisor

President, Adventure Divas Ltd./Avid Adventures Japan

Pauline is a Canadian (third generation Japanese-Canadian) that was transplanted to Japan over 10 years ago. She runs an outdoor adventure company called Adventure Divas and her mission is to share her passion for adventuring (and navigating!) in the great outdoors and has played a critical role in making this event actually happen.


MORIYOSHI OMURA, Local Event Advisor

Oshima Rogaining Club

Moriyoshi has been an active hiker not only in Japan but also overseas. In more recent years however, his efforts have focused on developing local hiking routes within Oshima. Although in his late 70's, you can still find Moriyoshi hiking around the island, constantly discovering new things. He is a key member in developing new checkpoints for the event.