Saturday, November 2, 2019

Come and join an exciting navigation game on one of Japan's most scenic and dynamic islands!


Typhoon #15 (Faxai) hit Izu Oshima in early September, causing serious damages to the istand. While fortunately no one was killed, some houses are completely  destroyed, and electlicity and water supply was temporalily stopped. Some roads are still closed due to damage. Because of this incident, this year event will be held in Middle (Mt. Mihara) and North (Okada Port) part of the island instead of South (Habu Port) where the damages are still siginificant. We'll make every effort to keep the evernt safe and interesting so that all the participant can enjoy the event in November. We look forward to seeing you then. (October 4)


 Date Saturday, November 2, 2019
 Location Izu Oshima Island (Start/Finish: Motomachi Port)
 Competition Area

Middle and South Izu Oshima Island (Mt. Mihara - Habu Port)

Middle and North Izu Oshima Island (Mt. Mihara - Okada Port)

 Race Organizer Oshima Tourism Association & Oshima Geopark Rogaining Committee
 Supported by Tokyo City, Japan Orienteering Association, Tokyo Orienteering Association

 Race Director

 Course Planner

Hisanori Ohara, Adventure Divas/Avid Adventures

Shigeyuki Koizumi, O-Support


Oct 4

Typhoon #15 (Faxai) hit Oshima in early September, causing serious damages to the island. This year event will be held in middle and north part of the island instead of south where the dameges are still significant. 


Oct 1

Entry list as of today is available here. Please check your team details and contact us if any correction is necessary. Entry will be closed on October 20.


Aug 5

The event tour is available provided by HITOTABI (Travel company). Check the details here!!



Aug 1

Timetable of Tokai Kisen Shipping to get to Oshima is available here. Check this webpage!


May 10

The event registration is now open on this webpage.



Apr 18

YouTube explaining this event is now available here. https://youtu.be/djAAylEa6go


Apr 16

In 2019 the 7th edition of Izu Oshima Geopark Rogaine is scheduled on Saturday November 2, followed by the previous edition held in February. The registration is starting on Wednesday May 10.